Handmade processing

In the small laboratory in Montegranaro, Fausto Ripani manufactures footwear through 4 processes: BLAKE / RAPID, ORIGINAL MOCCASIN, GOODYEAR assembled and hand-sewn, NORVEGIAN in its variants, assembled and sewn by hand.


The peculiarities of this process are represented by two phases: the first seam that binds the leather insole to a first sole, said midsole. Subsequently a second seam is made, that binds the midsole to a further layer of leather, which makes the bottom end of the shoe. In this way we obtain an indestructible shoe which at the same time has a soft and comfortable fit.

Original Moccasin

Such processing has a unique characteristic: it allows to produce a very comfortable shoe in that the sole of the foot rests on a layer of very soft skin .The upper is hand-fitted to the last, then the mocassin is hand-stitched. During this process, the upper is assembled to another piece of leather called “mirror”. Finally the bottom of the shoe is stitched blake.


Goodyear hand assembled with tips and counters in leather, hand sewn. Very laborious process that starts from the preparation of the insole leather expertly worked. It then passes to the mounting on the form of the upper and after the hand stitching of a leather band, said welt, all along the perimeter of the shoe. In this way it will have a softness of footwear unattainable with any other operation.


This process involves the preparation of a leather insole, then mounting the upper on the form with tips and counters in leather. Once the shoe is well-shaped one is about what distinguishes the Norvegian processing. That is, the hand stitching of the upper onto the insole along the entire perimeter of the shape. In a second step sewing by hand the remaining part of the upper appropriately folded back outwards with a first layer of said midsole leather.