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Dustin Hoffman and Marche region

Marche government, as part of the promotional campaign of its territory, chose Fausto Ripani as partner for shoes supplier for its testimonial Dustin Hoffman, evidence of the excellent quality of an handmade product.

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Service shot from TG3

Service shot from TG3 Marche at the shoe factory Fausto Ripani that highlights the ancient crafts that enrich the Marche region.

L'Italia che va (Rai Radio 1) - Episode of 14/02/2014

There are thousands of micro-businesses who have resisted the tough economic in various sectors thanks to the strong cement given from capacity and flexibility of a family, with father and mother and children real propellant of our manufacturing districts.

Promo Fausto Ripani Shoemaker

An overview of the products and processes that create true works of art for all tastes and needs.

Processing step of handmade shoes

Detail of processing goodyear